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LISTEN: Kerli & Seven Lions Release New Single "Worlds Apart"

Kerli Jun 03, 2014

Moon Babies,

I teamed up with the magical Seven Lions to create the track "Worlds Apart" - and it is out now as a single!!!

You can grab it here:

Like it, Love it, Share it, Moon Children♥♥

I wanna thank you for your continuous support. I am so happy to see all the positive feedback on the new music and it's touching to see people being so moved by something we are creating in our bedrooms.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….<3




PS: watch out for some epic giveaways this month via the Facebook of me and Seven Lions. We're giving away private chats, show tickets and all that jazz.

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Why Are We Worlds Apart...

Kerli Jun 02, 2014

Dear Moon Children,

With 'Worlds Apart' being released as a single today, - you can grab it HERE :) - I thought it would be fun to lift the veil a bit and let you guys into the creation of this piece of music.

First of all, I wanna give a big shoutout to Jeff aka Seven Lions for letting me be a part of the magical soundscapes he's creating. He's hands down my favorite producer out there and it's been so amazing working in a such a synchronistic way that barely any notes and comments get exchanged. So much on the same page are we about how music is supposed to feel that tweaks have rarely been necessary…it's been completely effortless. He just does what he does and I just do what I do… Thank you Jeff for being magical!!!

Here's a pic of us being total goofballs. Cat faces via cat wang<3

Now to the creation process….

I first received the tracks from him quite a while back - about 1.5 years ago while in Brazil (OMG I love Brazil) and the moment I heard the track for "Worlds Apart", the melody just created itself and poured out of me. It's quite a gift when that happens because creating (at least for me) is a lot more about discipline than it is about divine intervention these days. My muse is a massive diva and she comes and goes as she pleases, not taking orders from anyone :) So it's a blessing when she graces the space with her presence, bringing effortlessness to the process.

Here's a picture from that day…it's super shitty but seems to be the only one I can find. Notice how green the trees are in Brazil, exploding with life.
The table on my right is where the melody was written<3


The track was already called 'Worlds Apart' and I thought it was a stunning concept so I decided to keep it.

When thinking about the lyrics, I started going back to all the times where I felt disconnected and removed while all I wanted is to feel close and understood.
I realized I had felt "worlds apart" far more often than I would have liked.

First, growing up in an abusive home in a small town of 5000 people in the woods of Estonia. I didn't know any artists or people that dared to dream big and I imagined there was a world out there where these sorts of people existed but since I had not seen it, I wasn't sure. I felt suicidal all the time with a deep sense of not belonging on this planet. To be honest, I have failed to truly and deeply connect with other human beings for most of my life….until just recently at 27 years old, after doing serious work on myself since I was 13.


A cute picture of my hometown:'s me at 16.
Fuck the system, man. Fuck the system. Lol. #takesabonghit (but not really cause we didn't have any drugs in Elva, thank God)

So all you moon children out there, going through a tough time with the set of cards you were dealt - don't give up my precious ones. Life is to be created and we are limitless beings. Everyone telling you that your dreams will never be realized are just projecting their own misery into your reality.
Everything is possible when one works hard and keeps going.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Now living in LA I experience a different type of reality with different kinds of connections and feel removed in a totally different kind of way.
I haven't owned a TV for the past 10 years and very rarely go out…I am basiacally a workaholic kawaii nun.

Here's the sunset from my temple. Yes, I actually live in one.


I am beyond blessed with tons of creative and driven people in my life but when I see mainstream media or think about the pharmaceutical business for example, I feel quite alien.

Our society seems to be built upon greed and obsession with looks and status. The illusion of separation causing competition and judgment.
I am not saying it's wrong cause what is right or wrong anyway. Who am I to judge how someone else chooses to live. And who are they to judge my ways?
It's just sad sometimes that truly open and honest connections are so few cause most people wear layers of bullshit and protection, play power games and take on roles and identities without ever experiencing the ecstatic freedom of being authentic.


I guess I'm trying to say
It hurts to feel this far
Million miles away
When next to me,
Next to me
You are….


After getting home from Brazil, I was stoked to "go into my cocoon" and start recording the vocals.
The vocals to me are like an instrument to an instrumentalist. My body being mine - I am obsessed with the detail while capturing these vibrations and equally obsessed with training my body to create the sounds I imagine. It's safe to say I spend at least 5 hours every day working with my voice.
It never used to be like this until I worked with Kuk Harell - the most amazing vocal producer in the world. He vocal produces Rihanna and Justin Bieber amongst others and his craft shaped the way I work greatly.
Nothing is left to chance, every punch, every breath… I can sometimes spend 2 days on vocals for a track because it's that specific. I usually record word by word, sentence by sentence to get just the right tone for everything.



It was so amazing to work on Seven Lions tracks because his soundscapes are so intricate and lush, it really gave me something to step up to and find the right spaces to fill with walls of Enya-esque vocals. Enya is a huge influence on the new music I'm making. She's the embodiment of etherealness<3

To end this veeery long post on my creative process, I wanna thank you for your continuous support. I am so happy to see all the positive feedback on the new music and it's touching to see people being so moved by something we are creating in our bedrooms.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….<3



PS: watch out for some epic giveaways this month via the Facebook of me and Seven Lions. We're giving away private chats, show tickets and all that jazz.



WATCH: Kerli For The Musician Portrait Project

Kerli May 09, 2014

Moon Babies,

I am the featured artist of the week for the Musician Portrait Project!!! This project captures "a moving portrait of various musicians, from every genre. Each artist is filmed for two minutes, the videos are then displayed in black and white with no audio." Pretty cool!

I met Derek after a show in (God, I can't remember :p) and he asked me to pose for his "moving photographs" project. I was in a terrible mood that day and totally empty after the performance so I simply did not have the game face to entertain. I see other musicians putting on mini shows for his project, but what we got here is a minute of me basically <3 :P


Enjoy! <3 And make sure to check out more from the Musician Portrait Project HERE!





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WATCH: Kerli Talks Creativity For Stanford University

WATCH: Kerli Talks Creativity For Stanford University

Kerli Apr 16, 2014

Moon Babies,

About a month ago I got together with the amazing professor Tina Seelig to talk all things creativity for her awesome online class, Creativity: Music to My Ears! 

She came over to the #BubbleGoth HQ and we had such a good time! I even gave her a MoonChild Makeover before we started filming♥♥ 


If you wanna get creative - you can still sign up for free here:  #MusicToMyEars 

Integrity, Love, Unity + creativity <3



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Kerli Answers Buzznet IF Questions!


Kerli Answers Buzznet IF Questions + #MoonChild Giveaway!

Kerli Apr 15, 2014

Moon Babies,

Buzznet asked me to fill out some of their awesome Springtime "IF" questions - so cool! I finally got to play around with my Hello Kitty stickers and markers... BubbleGothTastic! <3

Answer your favorite "IF" questions in the comments below and I'll pick one lucky Moon Baby to take home MY answers + some extra Moon Child goodies! <3

I'll announce the WINNER on Monday May 5th - so keep those comments coming, Babies!



Stanford Online Launches FREE Creativity Course Ft. Warner Music Artists!

Kerli Mar 10, 2014 Originally by wevegotyoucovered

Such an honor to be a part of Stanford University's new program on creativity. It's gonna be a free course for everyone to take and the amazing professor Tina Seelig is on a mission to help unlock everyone's inner genius.

Check it out and sign up here:

Here we are at the #BubbleGoth HQ, with Tina interviewing me after I gave her a MoonChild makeover♥♥ #goodtimes #MusicToMyEars

Reblogged from We've Got You Covered

For all of you Music Lovers and Creative Minds out there:

Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that Stanford Online will offer a FREE six week course on creativity featuring Warner Music artists, including; Josh Groban, Jason Mraz, Tegan and Sara, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, Fun.'s Nate Ruess, and our very own Buzzmaker Kerli

Creativity: Music to My Ears is a free, massive open online course (MOOC) - led by Stanford Engineering Professor Tina Seelig - that will teach creative problem-solving skills through the lens of music.

"Musical talent is not required to participate in the course – just an interest in exploring factors that influence creativity...Music provides a universal context to put these skills into practice, which is where the experience of Warner Music Group comes in." 

"Music crosses borders and languages, so it is the perfect lens for unlocking creative potential on a global scale," said Seelig.

The course begins April 2 and registration is now open! Check it out and sign up HERE to join all of these amazing minds around the world on a journey of creativity! 

What are your thoughts on this? Will YOU sign up??

Heart To Heart: New Music Update!

Kerli Feb 20, 2014

A lot of Moon Babies seem to keep wondering about the new music so I'll give u guys another update♥

You know I just got out of a loooong major label relationship and even though being on a major comes with it's own perks and it's been a wild ride, it also comes with a lot of artistic restrictions, waiting around for releases that never happen and a whole lot of unnecessary stuff that has nothing to do with the music itself.

I freshly signed with Ultra and they are excited to release more "left" stuff so what I'm doing these days is sitting around in the BubbleGoth HQ, digging through the deepest corners of my soul, trying to remember who I was before I got jaded about the game of it all. I don't want the big time if it comes at a cost of having to leave behind words I don't really believe in for my grand children to listen to. I'm tired of the same old dribble on the radio and I wanna get as far as possible from that "must write a hit" and chart position mindset that massive corporations and media promote every day. It's disempowering people and creating an illusion of competition and separation when in all reality, we are all just cells in the same body and this world could and should be heaven for all living things - celebrating ourselves and others.

Not that I'm gonna stop writing hooks, I'm just trying to write the kind of hooks that I haven't heard before.

At this point I am working as a pop songwriter and a blogger every day, so I wouldn't have to "make it work" as an artist to pay my rent. This new stuff I'm making is my precious baby that I wanna keep true and honest to the core without compromising anything. 

Don't get me wrong, I am super proud of Utopia but I am all about new and next. It breaks my heart that dance music wasn't even on the radio when we made zero gravity so instead of being a pioneer, the label waited around for over a year and got enough balls to release it only after shit like that was already all over the place. The same with "walking on air". There was no theatrics in pop music when that song came out. There was no Lady Gaga (who I think is a brilliant artist btw so don't trip).

I don't know where this current mindset is gonna take me but honestly, I don't even care these days. I just wanna create something I am proud of and if the world is into it too then that's great.

I have tons of new stuff ready and some VERY very exciting collaborations coming out starting this spring but I wanna give myself at least a few months now to explore and play around....I've been many different characters and colors so I am excited to dig real deep and see who it is that I will find this time around.

I wanna thank all you beautiful Moon Children for sticking around and supporting my journey. I hate to call you "fans" cause I hate the idea of separation and being looked up to/down upon....but you guys are the best "fans" in the world. I am so inspired by your insightful comments to my posts and the letters you send. I couldn't believe the comments the other day when I posted about not wanting to take shit anymore. There was no haters, no bullshit...just amazing thoughts from 300 beautiful souls. You guys give me faith in humanity and I am so fucking blessed to share this moment in time with you.

Can't wait to share the new vibrations...<3




Kerli's Exclusive Interview for The Fabulous Stains

Kerli Jan 23, 2014 Originally by jessijaejoplin

Reblogged from Jessi Jae Joplin

My brand, The Fabulous Stains, recently started a segment where we interview someone special and share what’s inspiring them right now, as well as to divulge the secrets of their coveted closet space, and dish on all things pop culture!  This month, we featured my good friend, pop star, cyber-icon and fellow Buzzmate Kerli.  She discusses her signature style, current projects, the inside of her closet, and much more! Make sure to head over to The Fabulous Stains official website to read more of the exclusive interview with the BubbleGoth princess.

xoxo, Jessi Jae Joplin

In Case You Missed It: Kerli + tyDi Exclusive - Stardust

Kerli Jan 06, 2014

Just in case any of you Moon Babies missed it <3

Remember when we wrote and recorded this one over a videochat? 

Well, Tydi and I thought since you saw it being birthed, it would make a wonderful christmas present!

This song is dedicated to my amazing aunt Rita who passed away last year and it was lingering in my veins the whole time she was battling cancer. Times like these make us very aware of our own insignificance just as they make us aware of how much we are a part of all there is - never ending, infinitely changing shapes.

We will never die - we become stardust.

Get your free download of #Stardust HERE! <3



Dancing With The Stars Red Carpet Interview!

Kerli Dec 03, 2013

Just in case you Babies missed it - I had the magical opportunity to join the Dancing With The Stars family last month to do a couple of covers with their incredible band and beautiful dancers!

After the show we all were able to get together for a little red carpet action - and I got to chat with AfterBuzz TV about the awesome experience! Thanks for the love, guys <3

And...congrats to the Season 17 champions Amber Riley and Derek Hough - you guys are epic! 



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