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10 Commandments for 2015

BubbleGothPrincess Jan 09, 2015

I know this post comes entirely too late as everyone is already rocking and rolling in 2015 but I haven't really taken the time to make resolutions so I'm doing it now. Here are 10 things that I wanna change or that I'm gonna start and/or stop doing in 2015<3


Not gonna lie, 2014 kicked my ass and I've fallen into a bit of a downer mode these past few months to the point where I find I have more negative thoughts going through my head than positive ones (and thank u to all my friends for putting up with me).That's no way to live so I'm taking next level inventory of my attitudes. It's easy to fall into victim mode and feel like the world is against you. The truth is, people aren't against you, they're just for themselves. The only thing within your control is how you react and respond to the chaotic dance of life.


LA is a very illusory place. You don't really know who your friends are here because more often than not, it seems like it's just about getting ahead at any cost. With that said, I am making an extra effort to look past all roles, accolades and bullshit and be nice to everyone, especially to the people that have proven to be real. These people are fucking rare and need to be treated as royalty.

I've been trying to answer all texts and emails as I believe "no" is so much more respectful response than silence. It's not THAT hard to take 30 seconds to send back 1 sentence and acknowledge the presence of another human being on this planet that is just trying to make friends and make their life work the same way you are.


My favorite form of meditation is breathwork - if you're crazy like me and find it hard to sit still, you should try it. Every time I get into the groove of doing it every day, I notice increased confidence, calm and focus. Gonna try to keep this up.


For me, complete sobriety has proven to be the most effective way to stay happy and get the most shit done so I'm gonna try and keep staying away from everything that weakens me and feeds my insanity --- especially since insanity is something I have got plenty of my own.

I will NOT give up coffee and an occasional ciggie though. Shoot me.


I really need to do this. Not every person I come across needs to be aware of E V E R Y T H I N G i'm feeling at all times. I have mad diarrhea of the mouth and I just can't fake it. But I'm gonna learn. This year I'm gonna learn to fake it....not because I plan on losing myself but because the depths of my soul should only be open to the ones that take the time to brave the waves and dive deep. In other words - guard my heart a bit.


And make this shit with no fear, with no worry about how and if the world is gonna react. I just wanna make it so I can be proud of the pieces of myself I am leaving behind for the infinity to swallow.


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I mean I just wanna keep making art and supporting all my amazing friends who are good people who are making amazing art. Fuck everything else.


This one is BIG for me. I'm so delicate. The world really hurts but fortunately there are more and more glimpses of the sprakly unicorn monster priestess (with superpowers) that I'm on my way to becoming. I need like 5 more years though.


Oh God I dwell....and dwell. Gonna stop dwelling on that bullshit and thinkin' bout the good shit.


Your life is your canvas and you are the masterpiece. There are a million ways to be kind, amazing, fabulous, creative, bold and interesting. Create yourself! This being and this time is all you got. Don't let anyone dim your moonlight, my MoonChild!<3

What are your promises for 2015?


Moonchild Kerli

ICYMI: 'Worlds Apart' Music Video Out Now!

BubbleGothPrincess Aug 19, 2014

Moon Babies,

In case you missed it...the amazing Seven Lions and I finally released the music video for "Worlds Apart"!

Stoked to share this magickal tale with you <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continuous support! You Moon Children are so special...I'm so blessed <3




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WIN My Favorite Pair of T.U.K Creepers!

BubbleGothPrincess Aug 08, 2014

Moon Babies,

The awesome friends at Buzznet hooked me up with some epic T.U.K kicks!!!

I've been a fan of this shoe line for years, so I'm obviously pretty thrilled to share some of their kawaiiness with you. 

We wanna give you a chance to win my favorite pair of Hello Kitty Creepers! All you have to do is show us how you would rock them. 


How To Enter:

1. follow @BUZZNET and @tuk_footwear on Instagram 

2. show us your outfit that would be complete with a new pair of T.U.K's using #BUZZNETlovesTUK 

3. you'll be entered to win my favorite pair of T.U.K's! 


Good Luck! <3


Here's some of the pastel madness these shoes inspired for me:






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I Am A MoonChild: My Interview With EDM Sauce

BubbleGothPrincess Jul 29, 2014

Happy Tuesday, Babies!

A couple weeks ago, I sat down to answer some questions for the rad team over at EDM Sauce - From how I got into music to equality to who I'd love to work with in the future, we covered lots of great stuff! :)

Head over to their site to read the whole interview HERE <3 


Integrity, Love, Unity <3



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Greetings From Beautiful Bali!

ICYMI: New Jam With Benny Benassi - "Kaleidoscope"

BubbleGothPrincess Jul 28, 2014

Moon Babies,

In case you missed it...last weekend, THISSONGISSICK.COM premiered "Kaleidoscope" - a new jam with the incredible Benny Benassi <3

Head over to their site to listen to the exclusive stream of "Kaleidoscope" HERE!  


Integrity, Love, Unity <3




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Greetings From Beautiful Bali!

BubbleGothPrincess Jul 25, 2014

Greetings from Bali, Moon Babies!

I don't have words to describe the amazing energy of this land and the incredible people in this country. So blown away ♥

The view from our magical studio in a Bali jungle ♥ 

My favorite part about Bali is how much faith people have here. While I myself don't fully embrace any specific organized religion, it is always amazing to witness it when it improves peoples everyday lives and how they treat the world around them.

Balinese, mainly Hindu, believe in karma, thanks to which there is barely any crime happening. Every morning little baskets of fresh flowers and fruit get prepared as offerings to Gods. They are placed everywhere from doorsteps to dashboards of peoples cars. Epic statues of deities fill all the households, no matter how poor. These statues get covered in sacred cloths and flowerbeds while being showered in mantras on a daily basis. When there is a beautiful sight to be witnessed, it's surely lined in these little thank you trinkets to show gratitude for all life.

So humbled by the patience and respect people show towards each other in this place. The western world in all it's glory has a lot to learn from these simple people still.

The light in me honors the light in you.




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LISTEN: Kerli & Seven Lions Release New Single "Worlds Apart"

BubbleGothPrincess Jun 03, 2014

Moon Babies,

I teamed up with the magical Seven Lions to create the track "Worlds Apart" - and it is out now as a single!!!

You can grab it here: http://www.smarturl.it/SLKWA

Like it, Love it, Share it, Moon Children♥♥

I wanna thank you for your continuous support. I am so happy to see all the positive feedback on the new music and it's touching to see people being so moved by something we are creating in our bedrooms.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….<3




PS: watch out for some epic giveaways this month via the Facebook of me and Seven Lions. We're giving away private chats, show tickets and all that jazz.

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Why Are We Worlds Apart...

BubbleGothPrincess Jun 02, 2014

Dear Moon Children,

With 'Worlds Apart' being released as a single today, - you can grab it HERE :) - I thought it would be fun to lift the veil a bit and let you guys into the creation of this piece of music.

First of all, I wanna give a big shoutout to Jeff aka Seven Lions for letting me be a part of the magical soundscapes he's creating. He's hands down my favorite producer out there and it's been so amazing working in a such a synchronistic way that barely any notes and comments get exchanged. So much on the same page are we about how music is supposed to feel that tweaks have rarely been necessary…it's been completely effortless. He just does what he does and I just do what I do… Thank you Jeff for being magical!!!

Here's a pic of us being total goofballs. Cat faces via cat wang<3

Now to the creation process….

I first received the tracks from him quite a while back - about 1.5 years ago while in Brazil (OMG I love Brazil) and the moment I heard the track for "Worlds Apart", the melody just created itself and poured out of me. It's quite a gift when that happens because creating (at least for me) is a lot more about discipline than it is about divine intervention these days. My muse is a massive diva and she comes and goes as she pleases, not taking orders from anyone :) So it's a blessing when she graces the space with her presence, bringing effortlessness to the process.

Here's a picture from that day…it's super shitty but seems to be the only one I can find. Notice how green the trees are in Brazil, exploding with life.
The table on my right is where the melody was written<3


The track was already called 'Worlds Apart' and I thought it was a stunning concept so I decided to keep it.

When thinking about the lyrics, I started going back to all the times where I felt disconnected and removed while all I wanted is to feel close and understood.
I realized I had felt "worlds apart" far more often than I would have liked.

First, growing up in an abusive home in a small town of 5000 people in the woods of Estonia. I didn't know any artists or people that dared to dream big and I imagined there was a world out there where these sorts of people existed but since I had not seen it, I wasn't sure. I felt suicidal all the time with a deep sense of not belonging on this planet. To be honest, I have failed to truly and deeply connect with other human beings for most of my life….until just recently at 27 years old, after doing serious work on myself since I was 13.


A cute picture of my hometown:

Aaaand....here's me at 16.
Fuck the system, man. Fuck the system. Lol. #takesabonghit (but not really cause we didn't have any drugs in Elva, thank God)

So all you moon children out there, going through a tough time with the set of cards you were dealt - don't give up my precious ones. Life is to be created and we are limitless beings. Everyone telling you that your dreams will never be realized are just projecting their own misery into your reality.
Everything is possible when one works hard and keeps going.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Now living in LA I experience a different type of reality with different kinds of connections and feel removed in a totally different kind of way.
I haven't owned a TV for the past 10 years and very rarely go out…I am basiacally a workaholic kawaii nun.

Here's the sunset from my temple. Yes, I actually live in one.


I am beyond blessed with tons of creative and driven people in my life but when I see mainstream media or think about the pharmaceutical business for example, I feel quite alien.

Our society seems to be built upon greed and obsession with looks and status. The illusion of separation causing competition and judgment.
I am not saying it's wrong cause what is right or wrong anyway. Who am I to judge how someone else chooses to live. And who are they to judge my ways?
It's just sad sometimes that truly open and honest connections are so few cause most people wear layers of bullshit and protection, play power games and take on roles and identities without ever experiencing the ecstatic freedom of being authentic.


I guess I'm trying to say
It hurts to feel this far
Million miles away
When next to me,
Next to me
You are….


After getting home from Brazil, I was stoked to "go into my cocoon" and start recording the vocals.
The vocals to me are like an instrument to an instrumentalist. My body being mine - I am obsessed with the detail while capturing these vibrations and equally obsessed with training my body to create the sounds I imagine. It's safe to say I spend at least 5 hours every day working with my voice.
It never used to be like this until I worked with Kuk Harell - the most amazing vocal producer in the world. He vocal produces Rihanna and Justin Bieber amongst others and his craft shaped the way I work greatly.
Nothing is left to chance, every punch, every breath… I can sometimes spend 2 days on vocals for a track because it's that specific. I usually record word by word, sentence by sentence to get just the right tone for everything.



It was so amazing to work on Seven Lions tracks because his soundscapes are so intricate and lush, it really gave me something to step up to and find the right spaces to fill with walls of Enya-esque vocals. Enya is a huge influence on the new music I'm making. She's the embodiment of etherealness<3

To end this veeery long post on my creative process, I wanna thank you for your continuous support. I am so happy to see all the positive feedback on the new music and it's touching to see people being so moved by something we are creating in our bedrooms.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….<3



PS: watch out for some epic giveaways this month via the Facebook of me and Seven Lions. We're giving away private chats, show tickets and all that jazz.



WATCH: Kerli For The Musician Portrait Project

BubbleGothPrincess May 09, 2014

Moon Babies,

I am the featured artist of the week for the Musician Portrait Project!!! This project captures "a moving portrait of various musicians, from every genre. Each artist is filmed for two minutes, the videos are then displayed in black and white with no audio." Pretty cool!

I met Derek after a show in (God, I can't remember :p) and he asked me to pose for his "moving photographs" project. I was in a terrible mood that day and totally empty after the performance so I simply did not have the game face to entertain. I see other musicians putting on mini shows for his project, but what we got here is a minute of me basically moping...lol <3 :P


Enjoy! <3 And make sure to check out more from the Musician Portrait Project HERE!





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WATCH: Kerli Talks Creativity For Stanford University

WATCH: Kerli Talks Creativity For Stanford University

BubbleGothPrincess Apr 16, 2014

Moon Babies,

About a month ago I got together with the amazing professor Tina Seelig to talk all things creativity for her awesome online class, Creativity: Music to My Ears! 

She came over to the #BubbleGoth HQ and we had such a good time! I even gave her a MoonChild Makeover before we started filming♥♥ 


If you wanna get creative - you can still sign up for free here: https://novoed.com/creativity-music  #MusicToMyEars 

Integrity, Love, Unity + creativity <3



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Kerli Answers Buzznet IF Questions!


(75 results)
Kerli (more info)
  • Label: Ultra Music
  • Label Type: major
  • About:

    I cry a lot. Equally because of happiness and sadness. I have at least 5 different personalities. Crowds make me anxious unless I'm on stage.
    I hear colors, I see sound.
    I believe in fairies.
    I change my mind in every five minutes.
    If I can't write music for more than a couple of days, I loose it.
    I make things.
    I almost never feel like I belong. I am very uncomfortable having a human experience.
    I like bad movies.
    I am extremely ambitious.
    I'm a foodie.
    I love everything that sparkles.
    I grew up in the middle of a forest in Estonia.
    I believe that love is the most powerful weapon. Not because I'm naive. But because I already tried fighting with everything else and it didn't work.
    I can't live without black eyeliner.
    Kerli is my real name.
    I love one word song titles.
    I believe everything happens for a reason. But that everything that happens around us is a reflection of who we are or what we need to learn.
    The inside of my suitcase makes the security guards blush.
    I try to live from a place of strength, not victimhood.
    The most important thing I own is my laptop. If there was a fire and I had to choose between my laptop and my cat, I'd save my laptop. My music = my life is in there.


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