ICYMI: 'Worlds Apart' Music Video Out Now!

Moon Babies, In case you missed it...the amazing Seven Lions and I finally released the music video for "Worlds Apart"! Stoked to share this magickal tale with…
Kerli Aug 19, 2014

WIN My Favorite Pair of T.U.K Creepers!

Moon Babies, The awesome friends at Buzznet hooked me up with some epic T.U.K kicks!!! I've been a fan of this shoe line for years, so I'm…
Kerli Aug 08, 2014

I Am A MoonChild: My Interview With EDM Sauce

Happy Tuesday, Babies! A couple weeks ago, I sat down to answer some questions for the rad team over at EDM Sauce - From how I…
Kerli Jul 29, 2014

ICYMI: New Jam With Benny Benassi - "Kaleidoscope"

Moon Babies, In case you missed it...last weekend, THISSONGISSICK.COM premiered "Kaleidoscope" - a new jam with the incredible Benny Benassi <3 Head over to their site to listen…
Kerli Jul 28, 2014

Greetings From Beautiful Bali!

Greetings from Bali, Moon Babies! I don't have words to describe the amazing energy of this land and the incredible people in this country. So blown…
Kerli Jul 25, 2014

LISTEN: Kerli & Seven Lions Release New Single "Worlds Apart"

Moon Babies, I teamed up with the magical Seven Lions to create the track "Worlds Apart" - and it is out now as a single!!! You can grab…
Kerli Jun 03, 2014

Why Are We Worlds Apart...

Dear Moon Children, With 'Worlds Apart' being released as a single today, - you can grab it HERE :) - I thought it would be fun…
Kerli Jun 02, 2014

WATCH: Kerli For The Musician Portrait Project

Moon Babies, I am the featured artist of the week for the Musician Portrait Project!!! This project captures "a moving portrait of various musicians, from every genre…
Kerli May 09, 2014

WATCH: Kerli Talks Creativity For Stanford University

Moon Babies, About a month ago I got together with the amazing professor Tina Seelig to talk all things creativity for her awesome online class, Creativity: Music…
Kerli Apr 16, 2014

Kerli Answers Buzznet IF Questions + #MoonChild Giveaway!

Moon Babies, Buzznet asked me to fill out some of their awesome Springtime "IF" questions - so cool! I finally got to play around with my…
Kerli Apr 15, 2014

Stanford Online Launches FREE Creativity Course Ft. Warner Music Artists!

Such an honor to be a part of Stanford University's new program on creativity. It's gonna be a free course for everyone to take and…
Kerli Mar 10, 2014 Originally by wevegotyoucovered

Heart To Heart: New Music Update!

A lot of Moon Babies seem to keep wondering about the new music so I'll give u guys another update♥ You know I just got out…
Kerli Feb 20, 2014
Kerli (more info)
  • Label: Ultra Music
  • Label Type: major
  • About:

    I cry a lot. Equally because of happiness and sadness. I have at least 5 different personalities. Crowds make me anxious unless I'm on stage.
    I hear colors, I see sound.
    I believe in fairies.
    I change my mind in every five minutes.
    If I can't write music for more than a couple of days, I loose it.
    I make things.
    I almost never feel like I belong. I am very uncomfortable having a human experience.
    I like bad movies.
    I am extremely ambitious.
    I'm a foodie.
    I love everything that sparkles.
    I grew up in the middle of a forest in Estonia.
    I believe that love is the most powerful weapon. Not because I'm naive. But because I already tried fighting with everything else and it didn't work.
    I can't live without black eyeliner.
    Kerli is my real name.
    I love one word song titles.
    I believe everything happens for a reason. But that everything that happens around us is a reflection of who we are or what we need to learn.
    The inside of my suitcase makes the security guards blush.
    I try to live from a place of strength, not victimhood.
    The most important thing I own is my laptop. If there was a fire and I had to choose between my laptop and my cat, I'd save my laptop. My music = my life is in there.


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